Give us some background (where are you from, where do you live, where / what have you studied, anything from your past that got you where you are today).

Hello, I am a native of Malaga, a coastal city in Andalusia, and this is where I reside for now !!!
I think that training is a constant in the training of the artist, in my case I like
investigate and mix my work with other disciplines in which he also acted like music and painting !!

Why contemporary jewelry?

I think that the artist with his work tries to convey an idea, a struggle in his constant living.
That is why I want to think that what is important in the artist's work is not the medium that is used to develop that particular language of each one, but what you transmit through the work.
Although my pieces fall within the framework of jewelry, they can really be small sculptures or mini installations ......... does it condition the artist's job in the work?

What inspires you? How has your job changed from the beginning?

I find inspiration in life itself, you just have to put the news or read a newspaper and see all the inspiration you will find, walk through the cities, look at the skies, the beautiful people, the pain, the love, the music... .etcetct !!
My work has changed in its form, its work and its materials!

At the beginning when I began to develop the most artistic jewelry, I made many rings, with noble materials such as white gold together with precious stones, etc., but I did not feel identified with the result!
I think the turning point was when I decided to break the rules so established in the world of jewelry and dedicated myself to expecting and taking out everything that we carry inside, inside us, combining with other lines already learned such as music or painting itself. ¡¡

At times for me creating is a means of healing.
Are there any rules that you always follow in your work and ethics?

I think the biggest rule is not to wear any, not to put up barriers and to enjoy what I'm creating to the fullest!
Try to contribute with what I do, and that the general public also enjoy seeing them.

Any upcoming event?

there were quite a few events but due to Covid everything has been postponed.
I have a collective expo in Barcelona at the CONTEXT gallery in Sant Cugat del Vallès, invited by the gallery owner Cristina Villar Esplugues. Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.
The exhibition is held within the framework of Off JOYA Barcelona Art Jewelery & Objects, and I participate together with my two colleagues Sílvia Serra Albaladejo and Kiseno.

Where can we see your work? (galleries, stores, your social media accounts, website)

Mainly in social networks, they establish my website and an art gallery (Galeria Context, La Joaillere Par Mazlo) etc.


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